Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Body Launched To Represent All Craft Distillers In Province of Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario - A new initiative has been launched to support the rapidly increasing number of craft distillers across the Province of Ontario. 

Bringing together new or emerging Ontario distilleries, the Ontario Craft Distillers Association (OCDA) is hoping to emulate the success that the craft distillery industry has had over the past few years around the world, and promote the new artisinal products and processes that are being developed by its members.

The formation of the OCDA came about after members felt they required a Body to represent their collective needs – and as a result formed the Ontario Craft Distillers Association (OCDA).The OCDA was established to allow Ontario’s Craft Distillers – which have a shared purpose – to join resources to promote the success of Ontario's Craft Distilleries both Provincially, nationally, and Internationally.

The OCDA currently boasts six internationally acclaimed members who produce over 30 different spirits in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  The original six are notably 66 GILEAD DISTILLERY, DILLON’S SMALL BATCH DISTILLERS, NORTH OF 7 DISTILLERY, DISTILLERIE RHEAULT, STILLWATERS DISTILLERY, and the TORONTO DISTILLERY COMPANY.  

Consumer preferences have evolved over the past years, with far more interest being paid to products that aren’t mass-produced.  Establishing the Ontario Craft Distillers Association (OCDA) will ensure that this new industry flourishes while also notably providing the means to lobby for, and support, niche Ontario businesses to further their products.

As a Group the OCDA intends to lobby for the same duty levels as craft brewers, which would extend significant benefits to this burgeoning industry.  Moreover, the formation of the OCDA will ensure an accreditation process is in place for new members, and provide shared resources for members, best practices, marketing and other similar cost saving options.  The ultimate goal is to introduce and extend Ontario’s Craft Distillers to the world.  

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